Here to support, educate and embrace ADHDers


To support, empower, educate and encourage anyone dealing with ADHD and related conditions and to advocate for the rights of people with ADHD.


The group was set up by some parents needing to get proper help for their children in 1996. They obtained information mainly from America and UK. They then decided to share their knowledge with others and sensitize professionals along the way too.The group is still here for whoever needs it!

Adhd Malta is a member of the:

  • Founding member of ADHD Europe
  • Malta Health Network – members of EPHA (European Public Health Alliance); EPF (European Patients Forum); IAPO (International Alliance of Patients Organisations)

The committee members together with local and foreign speakers during ADHD Malta Conference 2014

The present committee members of ADHD Malta (VO41) are:

President – Mrs Pamela Muscat

Honorary Secretary – Mrs Carola Stivala

Honorary Treasurer – Ms Dorothy Sciberras

Member – Mrs Christine Ellul Bonici

Member – Mr Steven Vella

Member – Miss Rena Vassallo

Member – Mrs Giannella Attard

Member – Ms Rusianne Southby Mallia

Co-opted Members – Mr Edwin Micallef

Gozo Branch co-ordinator:

Mary Jane Camilleri

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  1. I have a 5 year old son and a 9 year old daughter and they were both diagnosed with adhd. Is there any where i can take them during summer to increase their confidence and self esteem? Thank you


    1. Hello Claudia. We usually organise social skills courses and anger management course in summer. Please keep monitoring these pages or become a member so we will let you know accordingly. Also we are in the process of organising a summer camp this summer over 7-10 days.


  2. My son is 18 and always had the suspicion that he had ADHD. I would like to ask were do I start please ? I showed him the video about adhd that you posted on your facebook page and he was in tears and told me Mum that’s exactly how I feel. I need help.


    1. Dear Louisa, he may start by doing an appointment with a psychologist to identify and get a proper diagnosis. S/he will guide him accordingly. In the meantime we can offer support both to him and your family. Send us your details by sms on 79706364 and we will get back to you shortly.


  3. Hi yesterday me and my husband went to a counsellor. At the end of the session the counsellor suggested that my husband seeks a phsycologist as she thinks that he might suffer from ADHD. We both are working very hard to keep our relationship going but his anger issues, his impulsive behaviour is not helping at all. Can you please suggest any group sessions that I can attend so I can learn how to deal with it.


    1. Hello Antonella. We hold a meeting for adults with ADHD every month. Today is in fact this month’s meeting and is going to be held at skyparks business centre adjacent to the airport. You can call or message Pamela on 79706364 if your husband and yourself want to attend. For more info kindly contact her too so maybe we can set up a private meeting if necessary. In the meantime if you want some online information, on our site you can find an information booklet on ADHD on the resources tab and also links to videos and other good sites full of articles and info.


    1. Dear Carmen, send us your mobile and home number to adhdmalta@gmail.com so we can contact you back. To become a member you can see the membership page on this website. Moreover feel free to join us next Friday for our annual summer BBQ at Ghadira, near Maxima at 6.30pm


  4. Hi my 2 yr old son is a very very difficult boy. From CDAU they think he has ADHD. can you pls refer me a specialist like a child psychologist who can set up a proper diagnosis so that then we move from there towards finding a solution pls? I am really desperate because my son is driving me nuts and I have very little support. Pls help


  5. Good afternoon, I have a boy of almost 5 years going to year 1. I always had suspicion that he is a little hyper. He doesn’t stay sitting down for more than 15 minutes and when he is doing something he get annoyed after a few minutes such drawing and Writing just 5 letters. When he get annoyed he starts screaming and throwing the things.He talks a lot and always on the move. This last year and a half, I also noticed a lot of anger in him. When you tell him something that he does not like, he starts shouting and showing a lot of anger that even he starts to throw the things that he finds infront of him. When I talked to the pediatrician when he was young he said that he is not hyper and when I talked to our family doctor a few months ago he said that he Doesn’t have any problem but he has a lot of energy that he needs to get out. I’m still worried cause infront of other people that he doesn’t know he is like an angel but when you tell him something no or wrong, he is like a switch and changes completely. With whom I can start to see if my son has a condition or not, or if there are any tests he can do. Sorry for being too long. Thanks in advance. Sharon


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