ADHD Malta – Family Group Meetings

Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month.

Next Meeting:

11 th May – open meeting on medications and recent developments.

Past Meetings:

14th November 2014 – Mary Rose Falzon (Malta Dyslexia Association) Parental Empowerment and self advocacy – Meeting moved to 21st November

12th December 2014 – ADHD & Dyslexia – Dyslexic Teens Dialogue – Christmas holidays party

9th January 2015- Speaker Mr Matthew Bartolo – Sex Councellor (Willingness – an association of different professionals specialising in sex, sexuality & relationships.)

13th February 2015 – Ms Ruth Bondin & Ms Francienne Bonnici – Occupational Therapy services at CDAU

13th March 2015 – Ms Marvin Vella (Service Manager @ Students Services Dept) – IEP and the statementing process. We will also be accepting the applications and deposit for the Parental Skills sponsored by the Commissioner of Children, Mrs Helen D’Amato.

10th April 2015 – ADHD Malta AGM – Venue @ Min of Education – Multipurpose Hall, Floriana

Main speaker Dr Nigel Camilleri. Members to attend at 6.30pm. Membership can be paid on the day.

8th May 2015 – Reward systems that work! – speaker Louise Tabone @ Junior College

12th June 2015 – Neurofeedback & ADHD – speaker Jennifer Gerada @ Catholic Institute in Floriana

10th July 2015 – Open meeting at the Valletta VO Hub, 181, Melita Street, Valletta

August no meeting is held

11th September 2015 – Back To School! – speaker Pamela Muscat will talk about : school routine / hw & study tips/ healthy lunch / letter to the teacher ( primary) – parents’ day talks ( secondary) and answering questions from the members. Location: Catholic Institute. Child minding will be provided for a small donation. Non members are welcome at a fee of Eur 5 to be paid at entrance.

9th October 2015 – Dr Nicholas Myttas – @ the Catholic Institute in Floriana

13th November 2015 – Junior College Msida at 6.30pm

Open discussion with officials from the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of society (PFWS) who want to hear what we have to share with them with the hope of improving services and ultimately the quality of life of ADHDers. The Foundation’s aim is of enhancing the wellbeing of society through meaningful engagement with individuals, families and communities to promote a culture of solidarity, respect for the dignity of each person, peace and unity.

11th December – Join us for an interesting discussion on life with ADHD,the new provision of Concerta on POYC and more…

8th January 2016 – @ Junior College Msida at 6.30pm – We are meeting Karl Pace to talk about living a healthy lifestyle. Karl also appeared in the TV programme “Ninvestigaw x’qed nieklu” (Investigating what we are eating). A short introduction about Karl….Karl battled with drug addiction from his teen years up to the age of 22 when he decided to stop this habit and change his life. He embarked in a journey of discovering himself, life, a spiritual journey that still goes on today. He cleaned his way of eating and picked up many “natural movements” (exercise practices). From one thing to another today Karl eats as naturally as possible and managed to run for 14.5 hours straight in the mountains and swam Gozo to Malta and round Comino a few times too. Definitely a person to meet!

12th February 2016 – Junior College Msida at 6.30pm – Dr Patricia Camilleri, Psychoterapist will talk about building a positive relationship with our children.

11th March 2016 – Junior college Msida @ 6.30pm – During this meeting we are meeting Mrs Frances Mallia. She is the wife of Salvu Mallia and mother to Jon Mallia and Abigail Mallia, well known TV/video directors, producers, presenters and so much more. She will share her life experience about raising a son with ADHD and difficult behaviour. Today Jon has just become a dad and managed to change his life for the best in a positive and creative way. Frances together with Jon, Abigail and Maria (Jon’s partner) have also participated and producing our (soon to come out) first Maltese video on ADHD!!

8th April 2016: Junior College Msida at 6.30pm – Guest speaker Prof Helen Grech, Head, Department of Communication Therapy. Profs Grech will be talking about ‘Understanding Dyspraxia’

13th May 2016: Junior College, Msida at 6.30pm – Guest Speaker Miriam Cassar.

Miriam Cassar, a graduate in Maltese and NES (Melit.), is an educator who has been involved in Formal and Non-Formal education for the past 37 years. Besides teaching in Government schools as Kindergarten Assistant, LSA and Language Support Assistant, she has worked on a voluntary basis at a number of NGOs, mainly at Inspire, FWA and PFI.

In 1997 she started publishing a series of teaching aids which can be used by parents and educators as additional resources for the Maltese student. In the year 2000, she published ‘Stejjer Socjali Ghal Tfal Specjali’ aimed at Autistic and Aspergers students ( a first of its kind in Malta).

In 2008, she founded and registered the NGO VersAghtini IKM VO/0050, in appreciation and to disseminate our linguistic heritage, our dialects, and our local music. She continues to organize a number of literary festivals, and is invited to speak on using a fun and practical approach towards acquiring basic literacy skills.

10th June – At Junior College in Msida at 6.30pm – Open meeting. We will discuss about ADHD, see to your concerns. We will have the testimony of a young adult with ADHD who will share with us how it is to be raised with ADHD.

8th July – We will be holding our AGM (Annual General Meeting). The AGM will be held at the Multi purpose hall at the Ministry of Education in Floriana. Ample parking is available around the complex and childminding will be provided. Guess speaker Dr Ethel Felice, Consultant Psychiatrist which will give an interesting lecture on ‘ADHD in Transition’. Meeting is open to all members. (Memberships can be paid on the day).

EXTRA Meeting: Come and join us to ADHD Malta Summer BBQ on Friday 29thJuly at Ghadira Beach, near Maxima. BBQ starts at 6.30pm. You can bring your own food to be cooked on our BBQ. Entertainment and fun games are not to be missed!! We will also launch our ADHD Youth activities for 2016/2017!!!! So come along, bring all the family and friends for this great event!!!

9th September at 6.30pm. Venue – Multipurpose hall at the Ministry of Education, Floriana (near Excelsior hotel). The meeting will be an open discussion. Topics like back to school will be discussed. Child minding will be available and ample parking around the venue.

14th October 2016 – Junior College at 6.30pm Our guest for this meeting is Mrs Pauline Borg, LSA (Diploma). She will be talking about ‘Helping your child get organised’, Learning Strategies for better organizational skills.

11th November 2016 – 6.30pm @ Multi purpose Hall, Education Department, Floriana – Art Psychotherapy. Art Psychotherapy is a method of expression used as a therapeutic technique. A holistic way to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our guest speaker Miss Jeanette Fiott, graduated in Master of Science in Art Psychotherapy (International) in Edinburgh Scotland will give us an introduction to art psychotherapy.

9th December 2016 – Meeting at Junior College at 6.30pm for a talk by Louise Tabone, SEBD Specialist on Behavioral Strategies.

13th January 2017 – Junior College at 6.30pm – open discussion focusing on new year’s resolutions.

17th February 2017- For this month only since the second Friday of the month is a public holiday we will be holding our monthly meeting on the 17th February in Floriana, at the Multipurpose Hall, Ministry of Education. Time 6.30pm. We will be discussing a holistic approach for ADHD. More info soon. Contact us for more details!

10th March 2017 – Meeting at Floriana, Multipurpose hall, Ministry of Education at 6.30pm. Presentations by Ms Anna Azzopardi and Mrs Pamela Muscat on ADHD in women.

Since the 14th April is good Friday we are postponing the meeting for the 21st April 2017 – more details soon.

12th May – The 19th AGM of ADHD Malta will be held at the B’Kara Local Council Hall at 6.30pm. Following the AGM we will have a talk by Ms Giannella Attard, Occupational Therapist on Occupational Therapy & assessing the needs of children with ADHD. We will end the event with some refreshments.

9th June – Meeting is being Cancelled. We apologies for the inconvenience.

14th July 2017: PIZZA NIGHT at Luxol Sports Bar in Pembroke. Time 18:30. Ample parking in front (PARK & RIDE) and kids play area available. More info on our facebook page.

15th September – 18:30 – VO Centre, Melita Street, VALLETTA. For this month’s meeting we will primarily be talking about the iSmart app. iSmart is a product that helps students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and it comes in three different versions – Home, Class and School. The aim of this app is to support students with learning difficulties in their reading, writing and in their studies.

The iSMART team will be delivering a demo to the support group and will be there to answer any questions.

20th October 2017 – 6.15pm at Junior College – Msida. This meeting will start with the EGM in order to approve the audited accounts and to approve change in the statute. Than at 6.30pm we will hold our monthly meeting on ADHD in girls and women. Speaker for the meeting is Ms Anne Azzopardi. Ladies from the group will share their experience with living with ADHD.

Special guest of honour Ms Andrea Bilbow, President of ADHD Europe, will be attending the meeting.

10th November 2017 – meeting will be held in Floriana, at the Multipurpose Hall, Ministry of Education between 18.00 – 20.00hrs. We will be discussing adolescents. Child minding will be provided.

15 th December – meeting to be held at Junior College in Msida at 6.30pm. We will be discussing the IEP.

12th January 2018- the meeting will be held at Junior College in Msida at 6.30pm. We will be having an open meeting discussing on study methods.

February meeting will not be held. However a conference on the 24th February is being held instead. Kindly see the conference 2018 page.

9 th March – siblings of children with special needs. Junior college at 6.30pm

13 th April – AGM and afterwards talk on aromatherapy by Mark Church (in absence of Marika Fleri). Junior college Msida at 6.30pm.

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