Here to support, educate and embrace ADHDers


To support, empower, educate and encourage anyone dealing with ADHD and related conditions and to advocate for the rights of people with ADHD.


The group was set up by some parents needing to get proper help for their children in 1996. They obtained information mainly from America and UK. They then decided to share their knowledge with others and sensitize professionals along the way too.The group is still here for whoever needs it!

Adhd Malta is a member of the:

  • Founding member of ADHD Europe
  • Malta Health Network – members of EPHA (European Public Health Alliance); EPF (European Patients Forum); IAPO (International Alliance of Patients Organisations)

The committee members together with local and foreign speakers during ADHD Malta Conference 2014

The present committee members of ADHD Malta (VO41) are:

President – Mrs Pamela Muscat

Honorary Secretary – Mrs Carola Stivala

Honorary Treasurer – Ms Dorothy Sciberras

Member – Mrs Christine Ellul Bonici

Member – Mr Steven Vella

Member – Mrs Giannella Attard

Member – Mrs Vanessa Rapa Grech

Member – Mrs Sarah Sandoey

Member – Mrs Yvette Lautier

Member – Mr Ayrton Sims

Co-opted Members – Mr Edwin Micallef, Mrs Lara Farrugia Gatt 

Gozo Branch co-ordinator:

Mary Jane Camilleri


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